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Archikultural Digest Number 60 - Blog THIS!

I've been blogged. Technology has caught up to me. HTML? That's SO 1998. An online column? What do I think I am? A journalist with a newspaper and a press and a boy in knickers shouting, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" Not very likely these days. Newspapers are folding faster than a high speed collator, and if you can’t network socially, you should at least be whining about your job and your cat and your crappy job in a BLOG. I need to conform.

Archikulture Digest will no longer appear in column format, which is how Ink19 dealt with people like me in 1999. Now we blog, so all of my theatre commentary appears at - all previous posts will be available at - my old digs. That's something north of 500 shows, not to brag or anything.

The blog format will allow direct linking to specific reviews. As always, Ink19's commentary on events may be copied, used for publicity purposes, or linked in part or in whole. All we ask is a credit, like "This review by Carl F Gauze first appeared in Ink19 Magazine." No fair editing to make something sound like we liked it when it sucked. Deal? Deal.

See you at opening night!

Carl F Gauze

Carl F Gauze is a wealthy but reclusive student of the arts, semi-retired from a stellar career as an insurance calendar salesman. His real fortune derives from his great grandfather, Herman S. Gauze, who invented the sterile surgical dressing in Zurich shortly before the First World War. Because of Switzerland's neutrality and the obvious humanitarian uses of this bandage during the tragedy, he amassed a vast fortune selling the dressing to both sides. He's recently been looking at bikes, and can't decide between a Harley Fat Boy or a Vespa. Decisions, decisions...