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Inconvenience Store

MUSIC REVIEW: Reid Paley. Revival

emusic, 1991 Broadway, Redwood City CA 94063

Wood chip vocals? Sawdust maybe? Mulch? Ah…fuckit.

Minimalist backing. Sure as hell no wall of sound around here. No screaming adolescents with overwatted amps, either. Thank god.

Just another impossibly excellent piece of work flying low, under the radar, never to picked up by the mainstream audio media.

Loves, losers, liquor.


Give it a spin.

A lifetime resident (despite having travelled all over the damn place at one time or another) of Central Florida, James MacLaren took a four-year degree in death thrills riding giant waves on the North Shore back in the 70's. Wound up in the inconvenience store following a lay off from the Cape, where he was involved with the construction of the Space Shuttle launch pads, among other things. Father of best son in the world.